When taking and fulfilling customer orders, a method of invoicing is needed to collect payments. With the Korona Invoicing package, users have the ability to generate invoices manually, as well as from offers, delivery notes, customer orders and rentals  The menu for your invoices can be accessed by navigating to Invoicing > Invoices. Once you are on that screen, any … Read More

Edit Delivery Note

Description: The POS function Edit Delivery Note allows you to open and edit a delivery note without having to search for it. You must enter the specific delivery note number to access it this way. Configuration: The following article explains how to setup POS buttons: “Create POS Buttons / Button Configuration”Select type “function” and “Edit Delivery Note”. Use at the … Read More

Create Delivery Note

Description: The POS Function Add Delivery Note allows you to add a specific delivery note at the point of sale to confirm delivery without payment of a specific order. The delivery note can then be searched from the back office and invoiced. Multiple deliveries can be added to single invoices as well. Configuration: The following article explains how … Read More