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Create Delivery Note

Description: The POS Function Add Delivery Note allows you to add a specific delivery note at the point of sale to confirm delivery without payment of a specific order. The delivery note can then be searched from the back office and invoiced. Multiple deliveries can be added to single invoices as well. Configuration: The following article explains how ...

Trigger Production Types

Description: The POS function Trigger Production can be used to manually trigger certain production types like a gift card activation, kitchen print or ticket activation. Please keep in mind that some product types might not allow a manual trigger and require a payment first. You can review the production triggers under Settings > Production Types. Click ...

Create POS Buttons / Button Configuration

Creating POS Buttons Point of sale buttons can be created and modified in the KORONA.pos Cloud back office. In order to change the layout of your point of sale log into your KORONA.pos Cloud back office.  After logging in, navigate to Settings > Button Configurations. Here you have the ability to manage multiple profiles for different POS ...