Entry Gate Setup

Creating Entry Gates The Korona System has the ability to utilize entry gates for your museum or amusement park. To create an entry gate, You can navigate to Ticketing > Entry Gates. This will take you to the gate overview screen where you can create and edit your gates. Click on the +New button to … Read More

Aures Yuno Setup

This setup guide will walk you through the steps of setting up your Aures Yuno POS terminal. Please follow this guide closely to avoid damaging the equipment or peripheral malfunction. “Need Help?” “+1(702) 997-7672“ (Mon-Fri 9AM to 6PM Pacific Time) 1) Remove the Back Cover Please use the button at the bottom of the back … Read More

Tax Setup

Tax Set Up Follow the steps below to completely configure the taxes for your business. 1. Set up all Economic Zones. Economic zones are the geographical area(s) where your business(es) operate and can be distinguished by their unique tax rates and requirements (i.e. counties, cities, states, countries). 2. Set up all Tax Rates. Tax rates … Read More