Tax Setup

Tax Set Up Follow the steps below to completely configure the taxes for your business. 1. Set up all Economic Zones. Economic zones are the geographical area(s) where your business(es) operate and can be distinguished by their unique tax rates and requirements (i.e. counties, cities, states, countries). 2. Set up all Tax Rates. Tax rates … Read More


Tax Set Up (Sectors ONLY) Sectors consist of all applicable tax rates for a group of products and allows you to control how each of those rates will be calculated into the price of a product. So all tax-free items would belong to the same sector as would products that receive the regular sales tax. … Read More


This is where you may set up each individual tax rate, as necessary, which is applicable for the products you are selling. You will need to set up as many taxes as you are going to collect at the point of sale. This can range from just one tax to several depending on local taxing … Read More