How Does the POS Calculate Sales Tax?

To clarify how taxes are calculated on your receipts, let us look at an example: Initial situation: You have 5 items. Each of these items has a net price of $0.99 and are taxed at a rate of 19%, each of which corresponds to a gross amount of $1.18  ($0.99  * 1.19 = $1.1781 rounded … Read More

Sector Report

The Sector Report will give you a break out of Taxes, Revenue, and Commission Account totals, across all of the Economic Zones that you have available to your account. For more information about setting up Taxes you can refer to our Tax Setup manual page. Each line in the Sector Report represents a type of taxation … Read More

Change Receipt Tax (Alternate Sector)

There are a few situations where it may be useful to change the Tax on a Receipt at the time of sale. In a Hospitality environment sometimes the Tax can change depending on a take-out or eat-in style order. Outside of that there are situations where you may have a party that is Tax free … Read More


This is where you may set up each individual tax rate, as necessary, which is applicable for the products you are selling. You will need to set up as many taxes as you are going to collect at the point of sale. This can range from just one tax to several depending on local taxing … Read More