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Change Receipt Tax (Alternate Sector)


In retail, it is becoming increasingly necessary to be able to switch the tax rate quickly and easily for individual items or the whole receipt. This is particularly important when it comes to whether the customer wants to consume drinks or food in the store, or takes it with them.

To use the in-store / out-of-store functionality in the KORONA.pos Cloud, there are two points to consider:

First, you must add an Alternative Sector for all items that are consumed in the store. By default, these articles are sold according to the original sector, or tax rate, whereas the alternative rate is due to the included service.

Secondly, you need a button with the function Toggle Sector at the POS terminal. Directions on how to add a button to your POS can be found here: Create POS Buttons / Button Configuration

When the customer decides to drink his coffee in the store, simply select the item on the receipt and press the button to change the sector. As you see, the tax rate changes from 6.5% (1) to 12% (2).