Quick Start – Creating Cashiers & Users

Creating Cashiers & Users At this point, you should be ready to add Cashiers & Users to the system. Please note that KORONA POS handles Cashiers & Users differently. This guide will give you a brief tutorial on creating both. Creating Cashiers To create new cashiers, navigate to Employees > Cashiers. Here, you will find … Read More

Quick Start – Data Transfer from Back Office to POS

Transferring Data from The Back Office to the POS Terminal Now that you have everything set up in the back office, you are almost ready to start testing configurations. Before you begin testing, you must synchronize your back office data with your POS Terminals. This is known as Retrieving Master Data. Follow the steps below to learn … Read More

Quick Start – Going Live with KORONA

Completing Setup – Going Live with KORONA! All of your products, cashiers, commodity groups, everything should be ready to go now. Starting your live mode can be intimidating because suddenly things start to matter.  The following guide is intended to give you clarity on what is going to happen and what you should do prior to … Read More

Quick Start – Creating Buttons

Creating Buttons With your Products and Cashiers ready, you can create buttons to ring them up on the terminal. This page will walk you through the basic steps to create buttons on your KORONA POS terminals. Point of sale buttons can be created and modified in the KORONA.pos Cloud back office. The highlighted section in this picture represents … Read More