Quick Start – Creating Cashiers & Users

Creating Cashiers & Users At this point, you should be ready to add Cashiers & Users to the system. Please note that KORONA POS handles Cashiers & Users differently. This guide will give you a brief tutorial on creating both. Creating Cashiers To create new cashiers, navigate to Employees > Cashiers. Here, you will find … Read More

Cashier Statistic

This statistic shows you a bar graph of your different cashiers and how much revenue they have brought in for the specified time period. It is separated by the organizational unit as and shows 3 separate bars for each cashier. Represented by these bars are  Net Item Revenue (orange), Net Receipt Revenue (Green), and Tax (blue). The … Read More

Manage Cashier Roles and Permissions

To create Cashiers please visit our Create Cashiers manual page. Cashier Roles  To manage cashier permissions, set up cashier roles under Employees > Cashier Roles. Here you can create and modify cashier roles. These determine each cashier’s permission and what they are able to do at the Point of Sale. Cashier Permissions When you create or edit … Read More

Create Cashiers

To adjust cashier permissions and roles please visit our Manage Cashier Roles and Permissions manual page. Create Cashier In order to create new cashiers, navigate to Employees > Cashiers. Here you will find the list of cashiers for your organization.  You can create, edit or delete cashiers. By default the system comes with 2 sample … Read More