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Cashier Statistic

This statistic shows you a bar graph of your different cashiers and how much revenue they have brought in for the specified time period. It is separated by the organizational unit as and shows 3 separate bars for each cashier. Represented by these bars are  Net Item Revenue (orange), Net Receipt Revenue (Green), and Tax (blue). The ...

Point of Sale Statistic

The Point of Sale Statistic is a graphical report that displays the completed transactions per POS for a specified time period and an organizational unit. The Point of Sale Statistic is found under the Evaluations tab. If it does not appear there, click here to learn how to customize the section. You may Filter this report by Organizational Unit and ...

Edit Menu Entries

Due to a large number of available reports and statistics, it is a good idea to limit your navigation items to only those reports and statistics that you use frequently. in every navigation category, you have the option to customize the navigation items for reports and statistics. This will make running KORONA evaluations quick and simple. ...