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Commodity Group Statistic

The Commodity Group Statistic is a visual report that illustrates the distribution of the total sales of commodity groups. This can be helpful in determining what groups are your most popular sellers and what groups are less popular. The Commodity Group Statistic may be found under the Evaluations tab. If you are unable to locate it ...

Commodity Group and Hierarchical Report

The Commodity Group Report gives you an overview of which of your commodity groups are involved in your sales. Commodity Group Report This report may be found under the Evaluations tab, if you can not locate it there you may need to edit your menu entries. You may Filter this report by Organizational Unit and Date. ...

Commodity Group Setup

Commodity groups are a very important aspect of categorizing your products.  An important thing to know about commodity groups is that you can nest commodity groups; allowing you to create sub commodity groups underneath each individual group.  You can create as many subgroups as you wish, but keep in mind that over-categorization can quickly complicate things. Many retailers ...