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Korona POS Terminal Setup

This setup guide will walk you through the steps of setting up your Korona POS terminal. Please follow this guide closely to avoid damaging the equipment or peripheral malfunction. 1) Remove the Sliding Cover To remove the cover, locate the arrow under the customer display screen under "Touch all-in-one". Slide your cover in the direction ...

Quick Start – Going Live with KORONA

Completing Setup - Going Live with KORONA! All of your products, cashiers, commodity groups, everything should be ready to go now. Starting your live mode can be intimidating because suddenly things start to matter.  The following guide is intended to give you clarity on what is going to happen and what you should do prior to ...

Quick Start – Creating Buttons

Creating Buttons With your Products and Cashiers ready, you will now need to create buttons to be able to ring them up on the terminal. This guide will guide you through the basic steps to create buttons on your Korona Terminals. Progress Towards Completion Creating ButtonsPrevious Step (Creating Cashiers & Users)Table Of ContentsNext Step (Data ...