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Payment transactions


Shows an overview of all payment transactions for all or specified org units in a certain time frame, also lists the receipt numbers and the last 4 digits of the card used (If there was one).

This report may be found under your evaluations tab, if you can not locate it there you will need to Edit Menu Entries.  You may filter this report by Org. Unit, Point of Sale, Cashier, Payment Method, and Date or you may leave the default set to <All>. You may also enter in a specific Receipt Number to search for. Finally, you may choose to show Only payments with transactions simply by ticking the corresponding checkbox. Once the page loads, listed below will be the Dates and times of the transactions, Payment Method, Receipt Number, Transaction ID, Transaction Token, Card, Total. 

This report is most commonly ran when you are auditing against Charge Backs. As you can filter this report by Credit, and search for the last 4 of a certain card, you can also search by the Token (issued by the processor to the transaction at the time of approval) to confirm whether a sale actually took place or not.

You may select one of the highlighted Payment Methods for these additional options, Edit Payment Method, Cashier Balance Report, Receipts. You may click on the highlighted Receipt number to view the Receipt. If the card used for the transaction was a Korona gift card you may click on the highlighted Card number for these additional options, Prepaid Cards, and Prepaid Transactions. If the card number is not available for selection, the account used will be listed under this tab (For example, Preauth, Refund, Etc.) with a description of the payment method used reflected across (For example, Chip, Swipe, Etc.).

Finally, you may export the report into a PDF or Excel simply by selecting the respective button.