Dealing with Charge Backs

The major credit card companies (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover) no longer require signature for purchases, thus a signature is not typically required to dispute a charge back

If you are charged back from a customer, you can use the Payment Transactions report to pull up the last 4 numbers of a card to confirm the transaction took place.

You can also filter by Transaction Token (issued by the processor to the transaction at the time of approval) if you have that information.

If you do not see this report under Evaluations: click the pencil icon next to it to see the full list, find the Payment Transactions report, and either click View at the top or hit the check mark and save to permanently add it to your side menu list.

If you do not have the Payment Transactions report:

Pull up the receipt on the POS Receipt Archive. Just type in the receipt number and hit enter. At the bottom, it will show you “Account: xxxx“, which is the last 4 of the card number. “Approval” is the Transaction Token.

If you do not have the receipt number:

Go to Sales > Receipts in KORONA Studio and filter by Payment Method = Credit, and also use the date and Gross Total to narrow down your search. Then enter that receipt number into the POS Receipt Archive.