Loyalty Cards

Creating Loyalty Cards

The Loyalty Cards menu may be found under the Promotions > Loyalty Cards tab. If you can not locate it there you will need to Edit Menu Entries. On the Loyalty Cards page click New. On the Create Loyalty Card page fill out the Number, and select a Customer from the drop-down menu.

*Note: We recommend setting a number that is easy for the customer to remember, like their phone number.

Next, you may enter in an amount for Stamps and/or Bonus Points, you may also choose to leave this field blank. On the right-hand side, a time stamp of the Last Activity is listed. Once done click Save. Next click Back to be taken back to the Loyalty Cards page where you may view all created loyalty cards. Selecting one of the listed cards should give an option to Edit or Delete it. You may Filter this page by card Number or Customer.

Setting up Loyalty Point Promotions

After you have set up your card you will have to set up a Promotion to coincide with the loyalty program. Navigate to Sales > Promotions as shown on the side.

You will need to give the promotion a Name, and select the type ‘Bonus Points for Customer’

At the bottom of the screen you can select multiple items by using tag or individual items by using Item Quantity and then selecting the item. In this instance we have it set to one item required to hit the promotion.

Navigate to the top right of the screen.

Here you can determine the amount of points accrued and the redemption value of those points. In this instance, a customer would receive 1 point per each dollar spent on the item. Below that, the redemption value is indicated. In this instance 20 points is equal to $1. Once you hit save you are now ready to add a button for bonus points to your POS.

For a more in-depth guide on setting up and configuring Bonus Points please refer to our Bonus Point Promotion manual page.

Using Loyalty Card at POS

Navigate to Settings > Button Configurations. Add a button on your screen of choice for function with the type being ‘online function’ with the value ‘Bonus Points’. Additionally, add another button with the type of ‘function’ and the value of ‘Set Loyalty Card’.

When a customer has purchased a product that falls within your loyalty program you may enter them into the program by typing out their number and hitting the button ‘Set Loyalty Card’ at checkout. Again, we recommend using something like their phone number so that it is easy for the customer to remember and keeps the numbers unique in your database.

Once they have given you the number, enter it, and hit the button ‘Set Loyalty Card’. Then hit the button ‘Bonus Points’ and you will be prompted with this screen. Hit ‘Receipt Discount’ to then apply the discount to the receipt. Remember that the item(s) you wish to discount must be set as “discountable” under Sales > Products > Individual Product.

Using Stamp Cards

First, you will need a product to correlate to your promotion and a tag placed on that product as shown in the picture on the left.

Second, you will need to set up a promotion of the type ‘Stamps for Customer’ with the benefit selected and a configuration selected. In this example we have the customer receiving one stamp for each singular purchase of an item and five stamps will equal one item discount. Below the initial selection you may indicate when the and where the promotion is active. Do not forget that you need to link the items included in the promotion by using the tag at the bottom of the page as shown in the third image.

Items included in the promotion are in turn the items that stamps can be redeemed for. In the scenario we have presented, each sixth stamp will return one free item. To redeem a customer’s loyalty card item, simply assign the loyalty card at time of checkout and total out the transaction. The item will then be deducted.

Also make note that past sales prior to the loyalty card being assigned or the promotion being active will not be included in the customer’s account.

Loyalty Card Report

You may also access a Loyalty Card Report by using the More drop-down menu. This report may also be located under your Evaluations tab on your dashboard. If you are unable to locate it there you may need to Edit Menu Entries.

This report may be filtered by Number, Customer and a specific Date. Once the report loads listed will be the selected fields plus any Bonus Points and/or Stamps a customer might have. Additionally, you may click on the customer name for these additional menu options, Edit Customer, Customer Product Report, Customer Sales, Discount Report, Receipts.

Finally, you may export this report into a PDF or Excel simply by selecting one from the top of the screen.