Internal Transfers

Setting up Internal Transfers Internal Transfers are ways that you can do Store Orders or Stock Orders between 2 Organizational Units or Warehouses that you have in your account. This is ideal for moving excess merchandise from one location to another.  Performing an Internal Transfer Begin by navigating to your Inventory > Stock Orders, Once … Read More

Why is my Inventory Count wrong?

In the event that your inventory count comes out wrong, you may want to check the following. When was track inventory enabled? If inventory tracking is EVER disabled, it will reset the inventory count. You can also disable the “Manage Inventory” permission to prevent your users from accidentally disabling inventory tracking if desired. If sales … Read More

Store Order Templates

Korona allows business owners to create store order templates. Store Order Templates are great for instances where you find yourself ordering the same product or multiple products frequently. Creating a Store Order Template To create a store order Template, navigate to  Inventory > Store Orders. Once you are there, click on the Template button located … Read More


The overview of your warehouses can be accessed via the navigation bar by going to Inventory > Warehouse. There will be one row of information for each warehouse. Within each row, notice that you have three columns: Inventory ExpenseInventory Expense is the amount you have spent on products. (This represents the true cost of the current … Read More