Using Promotion Wizard

To begin creating a promotion, give it a name and then click ‘Wizard.’ Step 1: Basic Conditions The next step is to set the basic conditions for your promotion. You can pick more than one. If you decide not to use one, hit the little trash can icon after you click on the condition. 1. … Read More

KORONA Release Notes March 2023

“The update will be performed Tue, 3/07/2022 12:00 AM PDT” While the cloud update is being performed the back office might not be accessible for up to 5 hours. This update will take place during the early morning hours after midnight Monday. With our new release, the KORONA CLOUD back office has been replaced … Read More

Merchandise & Shipping in KORONA Event

How to Add Merchandise and Set up Shipping in KORONA Event In KORONA Studio, you can use the tag “use-as-merchandise” to add products as merchandise and “requires-shipping” to be shippable in KORONA Event Note:* Under “Others” on the product page, if you add an image here this will appear on the KORONA Events shop. If … Read More

Supplier Order Interface

Order Interface You can set how Stock Orders send out via email for specific suppliers. Go to the supplier, scroll down to Order and hit ‘Edit’ next to Order Interface. Creating the Template Using the list of variables at the bottom of this page, build out a CSV sheet like on the right. Open the … Read More

Set Prices: Price Updater

Korona has introduced a new price update tool to the Set Prices feature that allows for the prices of products to be raised en masse along with our November Update. Step One You would first want to navigate to products by going to Inventory > Products. From there you would want to hit the purple … Read More

Promotion Wizard

As part of the Advanced Promotions function, Korona has recently introduced a Wizard Module to aid in the creation of promotions. For more on this please see here. Getting Started First navigate to Promotions < Couponing Promotions. At the top of the screen there will be a red New Button. Once a new page has … Read More