Merchandise & Shipping in KORONA.event

How to add merchandise and set up shipping in KORONA.event

In the KORONA back office, you can use the tag “use-as-merchandise” to add products as merchandise and “requires-shipping” to be shippable in KORONA.event

* Under others on the product page, if you add an image here this will appear on the shop.

If you want to use shipping you will also need to create a shipping product in the KORONA back office.

In the back office, you will need to sync these changes by going into Admin > Integrations and pressing SYNCHRONIZE.

To set your shipping product go to Admin > Merchandise, from that page select your shipping product and press UPDATE.

Now in your shop you will find your products.

When a customer checks out they will now get an option to select a shipping address.

In the back office you can see what needs to be shipped under Sales > Shipping.

After you have selected a product you can copy the shipping address from this page. As well as click the 3 dots to mark an order as shipped.