KORONA Event Admissions

Admissions Admissions allows you to sell general admission tickets online that are able to be scanned at the POS or on a Handheld Scanner. Setup Navigate to Services>Admissions and select ‘New‘. If this is a timed admission you would add a time pattern here, for more on setting up time patterns please see the event … Read More

Korona EVENTS Event

Event An Event in Korona EVENTS would be something that is definitely going to happen. A good example of this would be an Anniversary party. Below we will walk through setting one up. Event Navigate to Services>Events and select ‘New’. If you want to create it based off an existing Event Template you can, for … Read More

Cashier Start Up

Getting Started Cashiers will first be confronted with the login screen. If you have a password after entering your login and hitting ‘Login’ enter your password and then hit ‘Login’ again. Workflow Ringing Items Your general screen will look somewhat like this to the right. You can ring in items by pressing buttons for products … Read More


“Korona.Integration is an add-on tool that can be linked to your Korona.Cloud account to help you do a variety of tasks with data from Korona. This page is still a work in progress, for any questions please email us at support@koronapos.com” Getting Started  Korona.Integration allows you to set up your own data to export and … Read More

Container Mode

“Container Mode allows the POS to default to a product container instead of an individual product when selected.This is a great feature for selling products with the same bar code.” Getting Started  First, we will need to create a product that will be our Container. Specify whether this is a 4 pack, 6 pack, or … Read More

Deactivated Vs Delisted

The difference between Deactivated and Delist. A Deactivated product removes it from being sold. Whereas, a Delisted product will not recommend a reorder of the product but can still be sold. Example Deactivate You can do this by going to Inventory > Products and selecting any product you want to deactivate. under the Additional Information tab you will … Read More