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Discounts or Promotions not working

Promotions Not Working One of the first places to look if your promotions are not triggering as expected is within your product setup. Navigate to Inventory>Products and check to make sure each product under the additional information box has Is Discountable checked and saved. If this box is not checked the product will not qualify ...

Adding A Supplier To Products

Adding a Supplier to Products Navigate to Inventory>Products and from there select the product you would like to add a supplier to. Under Suppliers located towards the bottom of the product screen click the add button. You will need to fill in a few pieces of information. First, Select the supplier you wish to add and ...

Finding Products Without Suppliers

To find products without suppliers you can create a store order under Inventory>Store Orders and click +New. Then, change the source from Product to Assortment and from there you can select general assortment which will add all the products to your store order. After you have clicked save then export to excel. the store order ...

Text disappearing after saving

If you attempt to save information within a text field (coupon text, receipt header, receipt footer, etc.) and it disappears afterwords please check your browser extensions. There is a known issue with the popular extension Grammarly. Please disable it for

Receipt is getting cut off in Korona

If you load Korona on a tablet, the receipts prices may be cut off from the preview. This is because the display size of the fonts being set too high. To fix this, you will need to access your font size settings and decrease the size of your fonts. The following guide will take you ...