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Stock Orders & Stock Receipts

Stock Orders Note this will only show the non-booked orders any booked orders will not be listed here. To locate the booked orders please refer to the "Finding Booked Stock Orders and Receipts" section of this page. To Create a new stock order first navigate to Inventory > Stock Orders. Click New, Your options are as followed. ...

Epson TM Virtual Port Driver

How to install an Epson TM Printer using the virtual Port Driver Download Link for most Epson TMprinters: Download Link for TM-S9000MJ/TM-S2000MJ only: Download and install the Utility. Once the installation is finished, or after you start the utility, you'll see the following screen: If the System you are using has some actual physical COM-Ports, they'll ...

Gift Receipt

Description: The POS function "Print Gift Receipt" allows cashiers to print a gift receipt. Gift receipts hide all prices and are usually only printed on customer request. Configuration: Create a POS button with the function "Print Gift Receipt" in the receipt archive button layout.  You can find a full guide for creating POS buttons here: Create or ...

Receipt Archive

This POS function will display a list of the most recent receipts.  It can also be used to recall older receipts by entering or scanning the receipt number. Create a new POS button with the function Show Receipt Archive.  You can find a full guide on creating buttons here: Create POS Buttons / Button Configuration. This ...