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Digital Receipts

Selecting this option gives the customer the ability to receive a receipt via email. The customer simply scans a QR code and is redirected to enter in their email. Digital Receipts  Start by navigating to Settings>POS Profile. There is a field called POS Settings with multiple options to choose from. Click on Digital Receipt and then save. Note: Whenever ...


Lists all sales receipts within a given time frame. Start by navigating to Sales > Receipts. You may Filter this page by Receipt type, Org. Unit, Point of Sale, Cashier, Product, Payment Method, Account, Customer Group, Customer, Info Text Filter, Price Changes, Z-Count, Date, Receipt Number, Gross Total on the receipt, and specific Info Text. You ...

Receipt Archive

This POS function will display a list of the most recent receipts.  It can also be used to recall older receipts by entering or scanning the receipt number. Create a new POS button with the function Show Receipt Archive.  You can find a full guide on creating buttons here: Create POS Buttons / Button Configuration. This ...