Transfer Items Between Receipts/Orders

This function allows cashiers to transfer items between parked receipts within our system.


To utilize this functionality you will need a variety of buttons prepared. You will need: Set Order Number, Park Receipt, Open Receipt via Order Number, and Transfer Items.

Order of Operations:

  1. Create Receipt: Begin by creating a new receipt for the transaction.
  2. Name Receipt: Assign an order number for the receipt you just created.
  3. Park Receipt/Create Receiving Receipt (Optional): If the receipt you’re transferring items to doesn’t exist yet, park the current receipt and create a new one for the transfer. Then park that receipt.
  4. Open Receipt via Order Number: If you haven’t already, access the receipt from which you want to transfer items by entering its order number.
  5. Input Order Number of Receipt to Transfer To: Identify the receipt you wish to transfer items to by inputting its order number into the panel in the bottom left.
  6. Select Items for Transfer: Click on the items you want to transfer from the current receipt to the designated one.
  7. Click Transfer Items Button: Once you’ve selected the items, initiate the transfer process by clicking the designated “Transfer Items” button.

Following these steps will ensure a seamless transfer of items between receipts, facilitating efficient transaction management.

See below for a demonstration.

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