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Creating Customers (Backoffice)  To create customers please navigate to Sales > Customers. On the Customers screen, an overall count of Customer that you have created will list. Click on +New. You will be taken to the create customers page. Please fill out all the necessary information for your customer and assign them to a Customer Group. Once you ...

Creating and Assigning Price Groups

Korona allows you to create and assign price groups. This is great for having separate prices for different customers as well as different stores. Creating Price Groups in the Back Office. Go to the Price Groups screen by navigating Sales > Price Groups. Once you are at this screen, click on the new button to ...

Top Customers

The Top Customer Report gives you a visual overview of the consumer behavior of your customers The Top Customer Report is found in the Evaluations tab. If it does not appear there, click here to learn how to customize the section. This report can be Filtered by Organizational Units, Specific Keywords, and Date range. Once you have made the ...