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Category Inventory Management


Deposit Product

Product deposits are generally charged on plastic and glass bottled beverage containers or aluminum cans from carbonated beverages purchased in retail stores. The refund value of the container provides a monetary incentive to return the container for recycling. This is an automatic deposit system feature for those disposable and reusable containers. For example, we are ...

Stock Returns

Stock returns are a great way to address any damaged goods received upon delivery from the supplier. thus, the supplier will either need to replace the damaged goods or credit the account.  For reports related please visit our Stock Return Rates manual page and our Stock Return Report manual page. Creating a Stock Return To create a ...

Customer Orders

Creating Customer Order Customer Orders can be created from the back office by navigating to Inventory > Customer Orders and clicking on +New. The Create Customer Order screen should launch. You will need to choose the Customer from the drop-down menu. If your customer name does not appear there please see our Customers manual page. Next, select ...

In Store Barcodes / Inclusive Price

There are certain barcodes that have the price embedded in them, for example you may sell products with a fixed price from the manufacturer, such as magazines or newspapers. Or you may sell products with a variable price depending on weight, length, etc. You can set up your Korona point of sale to deal with ...

Generating Labels for Printing

Korona allows clients to print pricing and shelving labels from the back office. This is great when you have shelves of products. Generating Labels For Products Begin by going to your products screen by navigating to Inventory > Products. Next, select the product you wish to edit and click on the Edit button at the ...

Production / Conversion

Production / Conversion products are used to create one product from several small products, such as gift baskets or multi-packs of items. Creating a Production / Conversion Product It is a good idea to have your products ready and set up as desired. For detailed information on creating products, please visit our creating products manual ...

Product Tag Setup

Product tags are a great way to categorize and sort products for rapid searching and button layout creation. With Korona, creating and assigning product tags is easy. Tags can be used for selections, such as product add-ons or modifiers. Tags can also be used to set up promotions for a group of products. Setting up ...

Price Changeable / Discountable

Price Changeable is a setting within the products of Korona. They allow prices to be changed on a specific product when the cashier does not have the permission to change prices. Discountable is a setting which permits manual discounts, promotions, or price rules to be applied to this product. Making a Product Price Changeable To ...

Store Prices

Store prices are the prices of a product that have been set for that particular store. Korona allows for different prices to be set for any store that you have. Keep in mind, this is not to be confused with price groups. For more information on price groups, please view our Price Groups manual page. ...

Selecting Sub-Products by using Tags

Selecting products by using tags is excellent for businesses that want to create products with modifiers, or for building gift basket / custom kits to sell. They can also be used for setting up combos with various choices. For example, you can have a sandwich combo with chips and a drink. *Note: Before setting up ...
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