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Category Inventory Management



Creating Inventory Navigate to Inventory> Inventories. the mandatory fields on this screen are the Description (the name), the Organizational Unit, and the Inventory Type must be entered for each inventory. Furthermore, you can specify a category of products, your options are All Products, All Active Products, and All Deactivated Products. Also, you may specify a Date and how many ...

Assortment Clean Up

You may have many products in your business that are seasonal, or perhaps you have others that are simply not selling. Assortment clean up allows you to put these items in a group, or assortment so that they do not show up on order recommendations until you want them to. Note* Assortment cleanup is only ...

Reorder Levels / Order Recommendations

KORONA allows you to set reorder levels and will generate order recommendations based on those level. The following guide will outline how to set reorder levels and how to generate orders. Set Reorder Levels Set Reorder Levels for a Specific Product In order to set reorder levels for a specific product go to your product ...

Commodity Group Setup

Commodity groups are a very important aspect of categorizing your products.  An important thing to know about commodity groups is that you can nest commodity groups; allowing you to create sub commodity groups underneath each individual group.  You can create as many subgroups as you wish, but keep in mind that over-categorization can quickly complicate things. Many retailers ...

Creating Products

A very common task in retail businesses is adding new products to your database. Your product catalog should always be up-to-date in order to guarantee optimal sales and inventory management. KORONA makes this workflow quick and painless.  In order to access your product database navigate to Inventory > Products in your KORONA back office. Working with the ...
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