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Cashier Verification Questions

You can find our verification options by going to Settings > Verification Requirements. Here, you can define a cashier query for any item according to your needs. There are four types to choose from: Age limit: (the cashier has to enter the customer’s date of birth and receives a message specified by you if it does …


Data Imports (Minimum Import Requirements)

Importing product information and data is easy with Korona's built-in File Importer. This page will go over all the minimum requirements in order to import certain information into Korona. If you want to learn more about importing and what each category means please visit our Data Exchange (Custom Data Imports) Page.   Note: Recommended file ...

Exclude Products From Commissions

"Excluding products from Commissions will help specify which products cashiers can and cannot gain a monetary bonus from selling." Excluding Products First, we need to create a sector. Navigate to Settings>Sectors, click +New, give it a name, add the tax bracket you would like to use for that sector. In the top right of the screen ...

Customer Display (New Configuration)

Customer Display Setup has changed and it is now its own individual section under the Settings Tab. *Note: This section only aids in the customization, However, the customer display will still need to be configured under the POS profile section, to learn more please click here.  Customer Display has changed in the Korona back office. ...

Credit Card Consolidation (Report)

The credit card consolidation report gives an overview of credit cards and accounts used within a certain time frame and lists actual and expected profit margins.  This report is found under the Evaluations tab, if you cannot locate it there you will need to Edit Menu Entries. You may Filter the report by Org. Unit. Point of ...

Online Functions

The Korona Online functions help pull in specific data at the POS such as Customer information with last purchases, employee workday ratings, cashier information, messaging between individuals within the organizational unit and looking up Stocks for products. The Korona Online Functions is a Type of function that can be added from the Edit Button Layout screen. To ...

Customers (Online Function)

The customers online function allows for a quick overview of the customer's information, last purchase, overall purchase count, outstanding accounts and credit limit available. To view customers information at the POS you must first create the POS online button function Customers. To learn how please visit our Creating Buttons/ POS Button Configuration manual page. At ...

Daily Ratings (Online Function)

The Daily Ratings online function allows your employees to rate their work day based on Customer Satisfaction, Assortment Suitability, and Employee Motivation. Daily Rating at the POS In order to make this available to your employees, the Daily Rating online function button must first be created. To learn how to do so please visit our ...

Cashiers (Online Function)

The Cashiers Online function allows for a quick overview of the working cashiers' information and permissions right from the POS.  The Cashiers online function lists the current cashiers' Number, Bonus Points accumulated (promotions), Email address, and allowed Permissions. On the right-hand side, you can find the Cashier Revenue for the day and Month. Both are reflected ...

Stocks (Online Function)

Koronas' online function 'Stocks' allows you to view your stock levels straight from your POS. This online function will pull up stock levels for all products selected on a receipt. This feature can be handy when wanting to check other locations/warehouses for specific products. Viewing stock levels at the POS In order to view stock levels ...
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