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WooCommerce – Add ECommerce to Korona

Korona's WooCommerce integration uses an external point of sale to link accounts. This point of sale will need to be purchased prior to starting this process. If you have not done so please hover over your name on the top right of the and select "My Korona.Cloud Packages" and expand your subscription. Linking Accounts ...

Dialect/ Language

Creating the Language To set up the different language you will need to attach the language to the Product and also to that specific point of sale. To begin by navigating to Settings > Dialects/ languages. Once there click on New. Give the language a name and put in the ISO Code for that language. ...

Messages (Online Function)

Allows for communication with an entire organizational unit or can target communication with an individual cashier. Creating Messages Navigate to Employees > Messages. Click New. On the following page fill in the Subject field. Choose a Recipient this could be either a cashier or an organizational unit. Next, set a Priority Status for your message your options are High, ...


It is entirely possible to use more than one currency when using Korona. This works great for shops that are located inside airports, or tourist gift shops. To Create or edit currencies navigate to your Settings > Currencies. Create a new currency by clicking on +New or you may select an existing one and click on Edit.  ...

POS Profiles

The POS profiles control how a certain point of sale device will function and connects other devices to it. To access the POS profiles please navigate to Settings > POS Profile. The Number field will auto-generate, fill in the Name field.  POS-Settings Cent Input: Automatically inputs cent amounts so no mistakes are made in prices. Require ...

Receipt Layouts

Aids in the visual customization of receipts. Receipt Layouts can be located under the Settings tab if you can not locate it there you may want to Edit Menu Entries. Once you are on the receipt layout page click New at the top of the screen and the Create Receipt Layout page should launch. The Number ...

Revenue Accounts

Revenue accounts are income accounts that get credited when services are billed for and therefore will have a positive credit balance. Creating a Revenue Account To access your revenue account first navigate to your settings tab. if you can not locate it there you will need to Edit Menu Entries. Once you are on the ...

Additional Receipt Information

Additional receipt information is a great way to prompt cashiers for text selection on specific receipts/Transactions. Creating and Applying Additional Receipt Info Text Please navigate to Settings > Additional Receipt Information. From there click on New. On the following page, under the Defaults box, fill in a Description and specify if the text will Require Manual Input ...

POS Functions

POS functions are preset points of sale functions such as product search, change quantity, customer lookup and many more.This guide provides an overview of available POS button functions.  You can configure POS buttons under Settings > Button Configurations.  Please also review the guide for creating POS buttons: Create POS Buttons / Button Configuration. A-D E- P R-Z Activate Batch Printing: ...

Product Tag Setup

Product tags are a great way to categorize and sort products for rapid searching and button layout creation. With Korona, creating and assigning product tags is easy. Tags can be used for selections, such as product add-ons or modifiers. Tags can also be used to set up promotions for a group of products. Setting up ...
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