Online Functions

The KORONA Online functions help pull in specific data at the POS such as customer information with last purchases, employee workday ratings, cashier information, messaging between individuals within the organizational unit, and looking up stocks for products.

The KORONA POS Online Functions is a Type of function that can be added from the Edit Button Layout screen. To learn more, please visit Creating POS Buttons / Button Function Configurations.

Once you are on the Edit Button Layout page, click +Add Function. A dialog box will appear from the Type drop-down menu. Click on Online Function. 

From the following drop-down menu, select the function you would like and click Add to apply it to the layout. To learn more, please click on each link from the following list to be taken to the appropriate page. Your online function options are:

*Note: In order for changes to apply, you will need to Retrieve Master Data at the POS.