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Cross Selling

The Cross Selling button function allows for multiple products to be related to one another without them being an add as a 'sub-products'. To be able to use this button function a specific tag must first be added to all related products, this will attach those items to the main product. This tag may be an already ...

WooCommerce – Add ECommerce to Korona

Korona's WooCommerce integration uses an external point of sale to link accounts. This point of sale will need to be purchased prior to starting this process. If you have not done so please hover over your name on the top right of the and select "My Korona.Cloud Packages" and expand your subscription. Linking Accounts ...

Charge Accounts

Charge accounts are commonly used when 2 or more businesses are joined at a physical location and are intertwined in business dealings. Charge accounts may be also used in the event a business wants to provide their customers with an 'In House' credit line. To set up a charge account in the back office first you must ...

Instant Stock Order and Instant Order Portal

The Instant Stock Order allows you to create an order pdf without having the track inventory package. In other words, once you send it, it’s gone. For retail customers using the regular Stock Order is ideal especially when tracking inventory. If you are operating on the basic Package you would use Instant Stock Order to create a pdf. Note* The instant ...


Lists all sales receipts within a given time frame. Start by navigating to Sales > Receipts. You may Filter this page by Receipt type, Org. Unit, Point of Sale, Cashier, Product, Payment Method, Account, Customer Group, Customer, Info Text Filter, Price Changes, Z-Count, Date, Receipt Number, Gross Total on the receipt, and specific Info Text. You ...

Button Status

The button status highlights product buttons based on a chosen selected tag tied to the button status. The button status function type will allow you to select a specific tag and a color. Common scenarios are “highlight gluten-free products” or “highlight Vegan products”. Navigate to Settings > Button Configuration. From there you will need to ...

Balance Cashier

The Balance Cashier function allows the cashier to enter in the amount of cash at the end of shift and prints an end of day cashier report. To add the button to your screen please refer to our Create POS Buttons/Button Configurations manual page. At the POS, once the cashier has finished the shift, simply select ...

Assign salesperson (Button Function)

This function assigns a seller to a specific item on the receipt without them being the cashier. To use this function at the POS you must first create the button. To learn more about creating button function please refer to our Create POS Buttons/Buttons function Configuration manual page. At the POS select an item, enter ...

Franchise Tag Configuration (Order Portal)

The franchisor tag configuration works hand in hand with the franchise Order portal. In this section, we will cover setup and use. From the franchisor account, navigate to Franchising > Tag Configuration. On this page, you may enter tags that have been prerecorded. Any newly entered tag will not save in this field. These tags ...

Franchise Revenue Report

To view a franchise revenue report, navigate to Franchising> Revenue Report. This report may only be filtered by Date/Time. Once you have made your selection click Update at the top of the page. Once the page loads the report should list The Number of the organizational unit, The Org Unit Name, Total number of Receipts for the time ...
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