Assortment Clean Up

You may have many products in your business that are seasonal, or perhaps you have others that are simply not selling. Assortment clean up allows you to put these items in a group, or assortment so that they do not show up on order recommendations until you want them to.

Note* Assortment cleanup is only available on the Korona Plus package. 

Creating Assortments Cleanup

First, you need to create some assortments. To learn more on creating/editing assortments please refer to our Create Assortment manual page.

Select an assortment and click Edit from the top of the screen.

Under the “Configure Assortment Adjustment” tab, 3 additional tabs exist. The first is Products, you can create filters for items to be automatically cleaned up and either unlisted or moved into a new assortment. You have the ability to add items based on whether or not they have been sold recently by adjusting the numbers in the first choice. This works hand in hand with the order recommendation widget to learn more please refer to our Reorder levels/Order Recommendations manual page.

Or you may select the second choice which will clean up the assortment based on low stock levels and whose portion of marginal income during a certain time frame is less than X% of the entire marginal income.

Under the “And have no stocks” section items that have no stocks can be moved into specific assortment or they may be delisted. Next tab over is “And have Stocks” Which performs the same action for the products that have stocks available.  Organizational Units are available for selection.

Note* if no org unit is selected the cleanup will then run for all organizational units.

Beneath the Org Units, You may also schedule these clean ups automatically every X number of months by checking the corresponding box. You may also choose to automate the “Book created assortment adjustments” which finalizes the changes made during the automatic clean up so that you do not have to review them.

Across from the Organizational unit is the Tags section, Any tags entered here will exclude the corresponding products from the cleanup.

Once you have made all the desired selections click “Clean Up” from the top of the page. The adjustment now should reflect under the “Generated Assortment Adjustment” tab beneath.

Editing and Booking Assortment Cleanup

Under the “Generated Assortment Adjustments” tab A green checkbox or a red “X” checkbox next to the adjustment is an indication as to whether it has been booked or not. Selecting one and clicking on Show Details will launch the “Edit Assortment Adjustment” page.

On the Edit Assortment Adjustment page, listed are the Created On date, Org. Unit, and The name of the person it was Created By. If there had been any modifications made, it will reflect next to the Modified On. The time interval for the adjustment is listed below is and there should be an indication as to whether or not the Products with or without stocks are listed. If there is a product you would like to deselect from the adjustment unchecking the “Perform” Checkbox should deselect it.

Finally, click on Book from the top of the screen. This should activate the Cleanup. and click “Back” to see the updated reflections.

Viewing Historical Assortment Adjustments

At the bottom of the Edit Assortment Page beneath the Assortment Cleanup options, is a section for Generated Assortment Adjustments.

This will list a record of all prior booked Assortment Adjustments. You can filter this by Booked, Creation Date, Org Unit, Created By, Modified On, Booked On, Booked By.