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Handheld Inventory Scanner App


The new inventory app allows you to process stock receipts, stock adjustments, store orders, dispatch notifications, count inventory or scan for product information.

Logging Into The App

First, you will need to initiate and load the app. You will be prompted with a login screen. Now login using your employee assigned login code, then you choose your store location and it will bring you to the Dashboard Menu. The dashboard will list all available features the app offers, which include Stock Receipt, Inventory, Product Information and Orders.

Sidebar Menu

If you click on the ≡ icon you will be redirected to the sidebar of the app which will give you the same options as the dashboard and additionally this is where you can update the app with changes by going to retrieve master data at the bottom or logout and close the app. To make this go away, swipe left.

Updating The App

This will depend a little on the device being used. If it is a newer version of android you can go to the “play store”, sign in with a Google account, and search korona.mde. That will be the download you want.
If you don’t see it, go to your web browser and type in this link:
For best practice you should also uninstall the old app by pressing down and dragging to uninstall.
Once the download is finished, open it up and install it. Find it in your applications and login with your korona cloud information.

Updating Database

Swipe down from the top of the screen to refresh stock values.


This lists all inventory counts or stock receipts you have started in both your Korona cloud account and on the inventory app. From here you can either tap on the + icon to create a new list or tap on any of the counts or receipts that are on your list to view.

Pressing Plus – Create New – You must fill in the description and can then choose whether or not the inventory books automatically, checks listing, checks assortment, and whether or not products should be active or deactivated.(this is a coming feature at this time it is not functional)

To confirm your selection, tap on ‘Create’ at the bottom right of the screen.

Edit List – Inside of the inventory count screen, tap on the magnifying glass to add a product to inventory. After you pull up the product, you are prompted for which container amount you’re selecting(if the product has multiple suppliers) then key in how many you have and hit the ‘plus’ button to add it to your count or ‘equals’ to set the count to that amount. Alternatively you can repeatedly scan the barcode of each item to increase the count by 1.

To move onto the next product select the magnifying glass to search again or scan the next product.

The inventory will save itself or you can swipe down to reload the screen if you like and make sure it has saved. This saves the inventory locally to the device. To upload your changes to the cloud back from the inventory lists screen, swipe left on the inventory and press ‘upload’.

Stock Receipts

Pressing on ‘Stock Receipts’ will pull up a list of all stock receipts.

Create New – Press Plus – You can choose to create stock receipt from an existing stock order, a dispatch notification, or create an empty stock receipt. If you choose empty you can choose between from supplier or warehouse. If it’s an external stock receipt, choose supplier. If it’s an internal stock receipt, choose warehouse.

Edit List – Inside of the stock receipt you can either search for items to add or scan them. Just like on an inventory after you add the item you can either increment it using the plus button or set an amount you’re receiving using the equal button. Addtionally you can scan the items repeatedly to increment by 1.

Swiping left on an item allows you to either undo or edit an item.

Upload – Like the inventory when you’re finished you can upload it to the cloud by going back and swiping left on the stock receipt. Stock receipts have to be booked from the backend.

Switch Origin Warehouse: If you’re doing a stock receipt with no source and it’s going to be an internal transfer, you can choose to switch the origin warehouse to the target warehouse. This would send stock out from the warehouse you have selected in the settings screen of the app and to the Target Warehouse. We recommend doing internal stock transfers from the website as opposed to the handheld if you have more than 2 warehouses.



Product Information

In this module scanning a product will allow you to pull up information about it.

You can see product number, name, stock level, commodity group, sector, alt sector, sequence, ticket definition, codes, and suppliers, and related products.




Stock Adjustments

Pressing on ‘Stock Adjustments’ will pull up a list of all stock adjustments.

Create New – Press Plus – You can choose to create stock adjustment by pressing plus. You are then prompted to give the reason for the stock adjustment like ‘broken’, ‘damaged’, etc.

Edit List – Inside of the stock adjustment you can either search for the item using the magnifying glass or scan the item. Entering the number and then hitting the minus ‘-‘ will reduce it by that amount whereas the plus will increase it.

Swiping left on an item allows you to either undo or edit an item.

Book – From the list of stock adjustments, swiping left allows you to book the stock adjustment.




Dispatch Notifications

Pressing on ‘Dispatch Notifications’ will pull up a list of all dispatch notifications. You can see what is on a dispatch notification by pressing on it.