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Handheld Inventory Scanner App


The inventory app allows you to process stock receipts, count inventory or scan for product information with our handheld inventory scanner.

Logging Into The App

First, you will need to initiate and load the app. You will be prompted with a login screen. Now login using your employee assigned login code, then you choose your store location and it will bring you to the Dashboard Menu. The dashboard will list all available features the app offers, which include Stock Receipt, Inventory, Product Information and Orders.


Sidebar Menu

If you click on the ≡ icon you will be redirected to the sidebar of the app which will give you the same options as the dashboard and additionally this is where you can update the app with changes by going to retrieve master data at the bottom or logout and close the app.


Inventory Count and Stock Receipts

Going into this will bring up a list menu. This lists all inventory counts or stock receipts you have started in both your korona cloud account and on the inventory app. From here you can either tap on the + icon to create a new list or tap on any of the counts or receipts that are on your list to view.

Create New – You must fill in the name, choose the type of inventory list you want to use, start date of your list, products list either all, active or deactivated and choose if you want it to check for assortment listing or validity. To confirm your selection, tap on the ✔ at the bottom right of the screen.

Edit List – Inside of the inventory count screen, tap on the + icon at the bottom right of the screen to bring up a search window. Enter the product you wish to add by name, upc/sku or product number and tap the search icon, Then select the filtered product. From there you will be prompted to enter in your total count of the product and the product will be added to the list. Once you are finished adding all products tap on the ✔ to save it. In order to finish any of these lists you must log into the korona cloud and go to Inventory and either Inventories or Stock Receipts depending on what you created and book it after confirming your entries.


Product Information

Here you can search any product by scanning the barcode if your handheld has a scanner and your upc code is entered with the product or you can manually type the product name, upc and product number to find your specific product. You can do this by locating and tapping on the magnifying glass on the bottom right of your app when your in the product information tab. This will show product number, commodity group, assortment and stock quantity. At the bottom there is a show prices and a show product codes and code quantities if your looking for the price of the item or quantities per upc.


Note: The orders tab is currently unavailable and will be implemented in the future.