Ticket Types

You can create tickets with various times and features with KORONA. KORONA allows for multiple ticket types, such as general admission, where people can visit an attraction. You can also create event tickets for certain events, such as shows, galas, and parties.

General Admission Ticket Setup

Tickets are essentially products within KORONA. To create a ticket, you will need to go to the products screen. Navigate there by clicking Ticketing > Products.

Click the +New button to be taken to the creation screen. You will need to have ticket definitions set up for this to work properly. See the Ticket Definition Creation page for more information.

Give your ticket a Name. Assign it to an Assortment as well as a Sector. You will also need to set the Production Type to “Activate Ticket.” See the Production Type Manual Page for more on how to set this up.

For your ticket to function properly, you will need to assign a Ticket Definition. Choose the ticket definition you want to use by selecting the appropriate definition from the drop-down menu.

The ticket can either be printed out on their receipt or as a separate ticket. If you want it printed as a separate receipt or to use a different printer, check the Print Tickets Separately checkbox. It is located in the Additional Information Section.

When you are done creating your ticket, click the save button at the top of the screen. A new button will appear next to save. This button is labeled “To Button.” Since the ticket product being created is neither tangible nor scanable, you will probably want to add it to a button layout. With the “To Button” option, add the button to the POS you wish to have your ticket. Retrieve Master Data on the POS after you have created your button.

Event Ticket Setup

Event Tickets are created similarly to General Admission tickets. However, instead of allowing people into an area for a day or more, they only become valid for a specific event. Keep in mind that event tickets also have a capacity and can be sold out. For example, if your event only has 100 seats, and you sell 100 tickets, you will be unable to sell any more tickets for that event.

For more information on creating and editing events, please visit our Events manual page.