Warehouse Report & Stocks

The Warehouse Report provides an overview of your current stocks per warehouse. This report can be found in Evaluations > Warehouse ReportIf you do not see it, click Edit Menu Entries and add the report to the Evaluations tab and click Save.

Here you can filter the selection by a particular supplier, warehouse or even a specific product group. You also have the option to “Ignore 0-Stocks.”

To set your  reorder levels as well as maximum stock levels, navigate to Inventory > Warehouse, then choose your warehouse and double-click or choose Stocks

For further information see: Reorder Levels / Order Recommendations as well as Inventory

Note: If you do not have the Store Package enabled the process changes slightly. Navigate to Inventory > Products, select a product and click Stocks. You can also select multiple products by clicking the Filter button and then Stocks. After selecting a warehouse, only products with inventory will be listed.