KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes November 2022

“Cloud Update” The update will be performed Mon, 11/7/2022 12:00 AM PDT” While the cloud update is being performed the back office might not be accessible for up to 5 hours. This update will take place during the early morning hours after midnight Monday.

Set Prices Calculation

A price update tool has been added to the ‘Set Prices’ function. The first box will multiply your current price by whatever number you put in, the second box will set the final cent amount. So if you want everything to end in .99 you should have #,99 in the box as shown in the example on the right. ALWAYS keep the first place a # symbol or it will multiply again.

Shelf Label Options

When creating shelf labels you now have the option to ignore products with 0 price. Additionally when purchasing a custom label there are now the options for gross and net price.

Management Report

There is now the option to ignore 0 price sales.

Warehouse Report

You can now filter the warehouse report by tag.

This is not possible on Automatically Dispatched reports.

Supplier Item Prices Export

You can now export supplier product information by supplier in Data Exchange. This exports Product Number, Product Name, Supplier Name, Supplier Number, Supplier Item Number, Supplier Item Price, and Supplier Item Package Quantity.

Container Prices

Container prices will now be the total price of all the products in the container and not the price of the individual products in the container. You do not need to make any changes to previously set containers this will be calculated for you.

APIv3: Vouchers and VoucherDefinitions(for web shop)

KORONA.voucher can now be used by third parties. There is a new permission in APIv3 for this.

Below find the new endpoints:

GET /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers
POST /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers
PATCH /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers
DELETE /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers
GET /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers/{voucherId}
PATCH /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers/{voucherId}
DELETE /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers/{voucherId}
GET /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers/{voucherId}/voucherTransactions
POST /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers/{voucherId}/voucherTransactions
PATCH /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers/{voucherId}/voucherTransactions
GET /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers/{voucherId}/voucherTransactions/{voucherTransactionId}
PATCH /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers/{voucherId}/voucherTransactions/{voucherTransactionId}
PATCH /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/vouchers/{voucherId}/voucherTransactions/{voucherTransactionId}/void

GET /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/voucherTransactions/
GET /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/voucherTransactions/{voucherTransactionId}

GET /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/receipts/{receiptId}/items/{receiptItemId}
GET /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/pointsOfSale/{pointOfSaleId}/receipts/{receiptId}/items/{receiptItemId}

GET /accounts/{koronaAccountId}/deliveryNotes/{deliveryNoteId}/items/{deliveryNoteItemId}