KORONA Release Notes July 2023

Cloud Update

While the cloud update is being performed the back office might not be accessible for up to 5 hours. This update will take place starting 1am Monday. 

The update will be performed Mon, 7/24/2023 12:00 AM PDT

KORONA.studio Updates:

Quick search customer orders by customer

In customer orders, it is no longer necessary to use the filter to search by customer. Using the quick search field in the upper right corner, you can search by customer name, company name and customer number.

Of course, the customer orders can still be searched by their number.

Customer order: Warning if pickup time is missing

Since it is easy to forget to enter the pickup time, the user is now warned about the missing pickup time when saving.

The pickup time is still not mandatory. You can select Yes to save the order without entering a pickup time. Otherwise, choose Cancel and then enter the pickup time.

Returns Report: Show items with 0 returns

The returns report can now optionally display items with sales, but without returns. To do this, simply activate the “Show items without returns” option.

This makes it easier to see which items have been sold out.

Management report: Sort by net sales or name

You can now choose whether the organizational units should be sorted by their net sales or by name.

Extended BBD report

The new “Extended BBD report” report can now be used to list all items whose BBD expires in the filtered period. The report can be restricted to a warehouse or a commodity group. It takes into account all articles with expiration dates in the posted goods receipts.

The results can be exported as PDF or CSV.

Evaluation ‘Discount Reasons’: New Filter – Customer Group

The evaluation can now be restricted to a customer group.

Evaluation ‘Payment type sales’: New grouping option “Payment type & Checkout”

Previously, you could only drill down on sales for a cash register if you filtered by it. Now the results can be grouped by cash register. To do this, simply select the “Payment type & cash register” grouping option.

CSV/Excel Export ‘Sales’ supplemented by column document closing date

Until now, only the posting time of the item was included in the export. Since this time can deviate strongly from the closing time of the document (with longer parked documents), now each entry has the document closing date included as well

The export is based on the document closing date to help better evaluate the information.

DATEV export: Lines with a sum of 0 are removed

Entries with an amount of 0 are not needed in the DATEV export, therefore they are no longer included.

POS Profile: Initialization command now only for serial devices

To avoid confusion, the input fields for the initialization command are now only displayed if a serial port such as COM or LPT is selected.

New Online Function: Cashier Turnover

With the new online function, in contrast to the online cashier function, a detailed overview of the current sales of a cashier for the current day can be called up.

In this overview, the turnovers are grouped by organizations, customer groups and accounts. The status of the tip account is also displayed.

Digital hospitality receipt

The hospitality receipt is now also available as a digital version. When the customer scans the QR code from the customer display, he can select whether it should be a hospitality receipt by ticking the checkbox when entering his mail address.

Version number in support window

Under User > Support, the version number of KORONA.studio is now visible.

Mass edits for Products: Remove store prices only for specified organizational units

Until now, it was only possible to remove all store prices in mass editing. You can now specify the desired organizational units in the input field next to the “Remove store prices” button.

Without specifying the organizational unit, the store prices of all organizational units for the edited items will be deleted.

Unit portion for basic price calculation

According to the Price Indication Ordinance (§5), there is the basic price unit “portion” (colloquially laundry load) in the range of detergents in particular. This unit can now be selected in the KORONA.studio.

Labels for containers

When printing the price and shelf labels, it is now possible to create labels for the containers as well. To do this, activate the “Container labels only” option.

When creating labels for a single item to which several containers are assigned, one label is printed for each container.

If labels are created for several articles with containers, select a container.

Reminder for expiring Swissbit TSE

Customers with Swissbit TSE(s) are now reminded by mail 3 months before the certificate expires that they need a new TSE.

APIv3: Vouchers and voucher definitions

The vouchers and voucher definitions from our voucher package are now available via the API, so they can now be used by a connected webshop.

You can find more information about this in the Developer Portal.

*Note: The voucher package is now free.

Restrict product editing by Org authorization

Each product is assigned to an Assortment. Assortments can be assigned to organizational units. Users are granted permissions for organizational units. Previously, the display and editing of products in KORONA.studio had no permission requirement based on the user’s organizational unit.

From now on, a user can only edit products in the Assortment that is assigned to their organizational unit.

Mobile site improved

Some optimizations were made for the mobile view. As a result, it was also partly necessary to change the arrangement in the desktop view. For example, the refresh button in evaluations can be found on the right side.

KORONA.pos Client Update:

The new POS version will be coming later this year. There is currently no set date for this update.

Sales prices have their own revision number

To speed up the transfer of item data, a revision number is now used not only for the items, but also for their prices.

This is especially useful when a price list is added to a large product database. This update will be especially helpful for our chain stores.

Quantity change for kitchen printout prevented

For receipts that have already been created, the quantity can no longer be changed. Instead, the cashier must now create and send a new receipt.

Central actual money input: Transaction code is accepted during reconnection

If a POS has to be re-coupled, e.g. due to hardware replacement, the transaction code for the central actual money input was reset up to now. This could lead to collisions.

For this reason, the current status is now saved during decoupling and transferred during coupling.

Attention: This only works on POS that are already running version 2.1 at the time of decoupling.

Invoice and customer order: Search via company

In the POS forms for customer orders, quotations, loans and delivery bills, it is now possible to search by the company name.