KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes February 2018

“Cloud Update”

“The update will be performed Sat 02/03/2018 11:00 PM PDT

While the cloud update is being performed the back office might not be accessible for up to 2 hours.

Inventory Counts – Active Products

When creating a new inventory count, there is now a radio button with the options for “all products”, “all active products”, and “all deactivated products”.

Product Codes – New Characters

Product codes have been expanded to allow characters including letters, numbers, hyphens and decimals.

Store Orders – Copy

Store orders can now be copied.

Delivery Notes

Delivery notes can now be created from a customer order instead of just an invoice.

Inventory Difference List – Excel Export

The inventory difference list can now be exported into Excel.

Stock Receipts – Container Amounts

If a product code is scanned in a stock receipt and a container amount is associated with that code, the quantity will now be added to the receipt.

External System Calls – Customer Display

External system calls can now be displayed on the customer display. Create a new external system call and add a customer display URL. Add a button with the corresponding external system call to your button configuration. Press the button at any time to display that URL on the customer display. 

Stock Receipts – New Product Codes

When entering a product into a stock receipt, a new product code can be entered without having to enter the edit product screen.

Save and Copy

Many features in the cloud have a “Save and Copy” feature now instead of just “Save and New”, including products, employees and points of sale.

Stock Orders / Receipts – Warehouse Permissions

Within stock orders and stock receipts, users with appropriate permissions (create/edit/book orders and receipts) should see all available warehouses in the source field.

Product Codes – Franchisee/Franchisor

Product codes created by a franchisee are no longer overwritten by codes from the franchisor. However, if the franchisor assigns a code that exists in the franchisee account to another product, it will be reassigned in the franchisee account.