KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes December 2017

Evaluations – Stock Receipt Discrepancy Report

There is a new report in the evaluations tab. If a stock receipt differs from a dispatch notification this new report can help you keep track of those discrepancies.

Store Orders – Custom Import

Store orders can now be imported via data exchange. This will allow you to do one import and then assign it or make it an internal transfer as needed.

Stock Receipt – Price Change Indicator

If the purchase price of an item is changed in a stock receipt a visual indicator is now displayed. This visual reference will help you decide if you need to change your retail price.

Hierarchical Commodity Group Report – Supplier and Tag Filter

Supplier and tag filters have been added to the hierarchical commodity group report.

Stock Adjustments – Reason Column

There is now a reason column in the stock adjustments page. If you enter a reason for your stock adjustment you can now quickly see those without having to open the adjustment.

Inventory Counts

Booked inventory counts now disappear from the initial list after they are booked, allowing you to see only the active counts. If you want to see older counts, simply click on the filter button.

Serial Number Report – Commodity Group Filter

A commodity group filter has been added to the serial number report.

Revenue Statistic by Hour – Commodity Group and Tag Filter

Commodity group and tag filters have been added the revenue statistic by hour report.

Sub-Product Import – Tag for Selection

When importing sub-products, they can now be marked as tag for selection items.

Balance Statements

Balance Statements can now be created and edited from the cloud.