KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes April 2021

“Cloud Update”

“The update will be performed Mon, 4/6/2019 01:00 AM PDT

While the cloud update is being performed the back office might not be accessible for up to 2 hours. This update will take place during the early morning hours after midnight Monday.

DISCLAIMER: The promotions will require POS Version 1.97 which will roll out in the next couple weeks.

Promotions have been completely reconfigured

Promotions have been moved from underneath Sales to their own module titled Promotions. This module now houses everything from promotions to price rules

The Benefit section of the coupon actions has been made more user-friendly and easier to understand.

Discount Management

It is now possible to set the priority levels of promotions on the promotion itself and in Discount Management, more on this below.

Item discount
Document discount
Special Offer Script’ discount (Only visible if the corresponding feature is activated for the account).

Important for the user
For visibility / editing there is a user right, which is not set by default. For now only master accounts can use the function initially. All ordinary users have to be authorized accordingly via the user roles (User roles -> Settings -> Discount levels).

Discount Management

It is now possible to select which promotion should apply first using Discount Management. You can define the different levels via Promotions>Discount Management. The different levels can then be set for each promotion under the Benefit area by selecting the drop down arrow. Additionally there is a Star w/ an exclamation point to declare that this discount is exclusive and no other discounts may work with it.

Discount Management levels can also be selected for Price Rules.


New Promotion Triggers

Before only either/or was possible regarding triggering promotions from ‘Total Receipt Amount’ or ‘Item Amount with Tag’.

Now it is possible to use those triggers in conjunction with each other.

It is also possible to trigger promotions with multiple quantities of products. “Quantity of articles with keyword A = X” and “Quantity of articles with keyword B = Y” as triggers for a promotion.


New Attribute for Coupons/Promotions

Fixed prices are now possible to be set on discounts/coupon promotions. This means you can now set an item to be a different price for the promotion. For example if you have two items that are normally $1.50 and you want to sell 2 for $2, you could set the fixed price to $1.


New Calculations for Coupons/Promotions

It is now possible to select only the total of specific items to trigger a promotion as opposed to the total receipt amount.

Remove All Coupons

There is a now a button to remove all coupons from a receipt.

Sorting Promotions

It’s now possible to sort Promotions by validity from and to.

Price Rule Revision

There have been a few changes to price rules:

Price list is no longer a required field
Valid from/to is no longer a required field
Item condition is merged to one line
Minimum quantity is added to the conditions
Item keyword is added as a condition


Customer Order Sorting

Customer Orders are now sorted by Last Name instead of first.

Down Payments on Customer Orders

Cash down payments on Customer Orders are now calculated correctly in relation to the Cash Balance of the day.

Order Confirmation for Customer Order

Customer order printouts with the title changed to ‘Order Confirmation’ are available in the editor via the more menu.

Create Method External System Call

There are now two create methods with external system call. The previously existing create method is the external system call without feedback. The external system call with feedback is new. This create method is simply called “External system call”.

The new create method can be used, among other things, for voucher creation in third-party systems via API. In this case, the voucher can be posted normally and is automatically activated when the document is closed and printed by the confirmation.

Price List/Tag

Under Settings>Tags, when you select the tag you can now see the price as well.

RRP(MSRP) in Franchise 

As a franchisor, you can now communicate a change to your franchisee using the RRP on the item. The franchisees receive the changed EIA through the synchronization and not only when they create the first goods receipt after the change.

Central actual POS balances have been made uniquely identifiable by the commit below. The corresponding queries / constraints should also be added to the APIv3 service layers.

The recently added fields have been added to the ticket definition. Branch orders can now be exported and imported. The export performance has also been improved.

A few data points have also been added to the sales export via API. The coupon campaign is now referenced with name and number and the total amount is also exported.

Last but not least, when mergeListItemsimporting articles, the parameter can now be used to control whether the imported entries are added to the existing ones (true) or replace them (false). The previous behavior (replacement) remains the standard. The option applies to the following fields:

  • ArticleCodes
  • ArticleTexts
  • InfoTexts
  • MediaUrls
  • Prices
  • SubarticleRelations
  • SubarticleSelections
  • SupplierItemPrices
  • Tags

You can now create new tags while inside the product. This was backported and has been available.

When an Org Unit is deleted now all dependencies are cleaned up as well, store prices and listings, also assortments.