KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes July 2016

“Cloud Update”

“The update was performed Sat 07/02/2016 11:00 PM PDT

While the cloud update is being performed the back office might not be accessible for up to 2 hours.

“Release Webinar”

“Watch recording from Wed 07/06/2016 11:00 AM PDT

Join our release webinar and see what new features we have added during the past 30 days.  You will also be able to ask questions.

“C160701 – Stock Returns ”

Stock returns allow you to process inventory that can no longer be sold.

“C160702 – New Filter Options for Entry Report”

The entry report can now be filtered by entry gate. In addition it is also possible to group the report by hour, day or entry gate.

“C160703 – Info Texts for Account Transactions”

It is possible to add info texts to account transactions. So far these info texts have only been visible in the receipt list. Now you can also review these info texts in the account transaction report.

“C160704 – Average Receipt Revenues ”

The following reports and statistics will no longer be affected by account transactions for the calculation of the average revenue.

  • Product per Weekday
  • POS Report
  • Cashier Report
  • Organization Report
  • Tax Report

“C160705 – New Statistic: Product Performance”

This new statistic provides a graphical view to analyse a product’s profitability. It allows you to analyse profit, expenses and discounts grouped by day, week or month.

“C160706 – Working Times”

A new filter option for the working time report allows you to leave out former employees that do not have any reported working hours.

“C160707 – Optimized Organization Report”

Due to its heavy use the organization report has been optimized. The sections outlining top 5 items in certain categories have been removed in order to make the report faster and easier to understand.

“C160708 – Invoicing POS Hidden from Balance Widget”

The invoicing POS will no longer be displayed in the balance dashboard widget.

“C160609 – efsta Support”

efsta help to comply with certain government required data exchange procedures. The new rules will be enforced in Austria starting 2017. The POS will be fully compliant with the next update in August 2016.

“C160710 – Group Order Templates”

Order templates are very useful for businesses that have to reorder similar items on a daily or weekly basis. Now order templates also support group ordering allowing users to create an order template for multiple stores in one step.

“C160711 – Identifiable Order Email Address ”

The email address KORONA sends your orders from can now be changed to allow your vendors to easily identify the sender.

Attention: The email address can only be changes once!

This update included a total of 129 improvements.