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How do I set my Inventory Count to Zero?

To set all inventory counts to zero create an annual inventory count by navigating to Inventory > inventories. To learn more about creating inventory please refer to our Inventory manual page. Once your inventory is created Select the Org units you wish to set Zero counts for and click on the Edit Inventory Count List, ...

Manually batching PAX S300

You may want to manually batch your PAX S300 for a variety of reasons. It only takes a few steps. Batching your S300 Access your PAX Device’s administration menu by pressing Func + 1 together. When prompted, enter the password provided to you. Next, tap the button labeled "Host Settings". You will be prompted for ...

Receipt is getting cut off in Korona

If you load Korona on a tablet, the receipts prices may be cut off from the preview. This is because the display size of the fonts being set too high. To fix this, you will need to access your font size settings and decrease the size of your fonts. The following guide will take you ...

Why is my Inventory Count wrong?

In the event that your inventory count comes out wrong. You may want to check the following. When was track inventory enabled? If inventory tracking is EVER disabled, it will reset the inventory count. You can also disable the "Manage Inventory" permission to prevent your users from accidentally disabling inventory tracking if desired. If sales ...

Can the terminal also be used without connection to the cloud?

Can the POS Terminal also be used without connection to the cloud? Yes, you can temporarily use the POS Terminal without connecting to the cloud. Please note, however, that certain functions only work with an active connection to the cloud. These features include (depending on the packages on the account): Retrieving Master Data. Transferring sales ...

PAX Communication Error

If the PAX has been working previously try performing the following steps before changing any settings: Retrieve Master Data/Restart the POS On screen 3 you should have 'Retrieve Master Data' and 'Restart POS' buttons. After you do both, cancel the first receipt. It's possible your PAX device changed IPs and this will enable the POS ...

The Order Total Cannot be Exceeded When Using Payment Type: “xxxx”

This message displays when the cashier is trying to process a transaction using more than amount total displayed on the point of sale terminal using the selected payment method. To stop this popup, you will need to allow that payment method to process more than the total. Go to the payment methods screen by navigating ...

How Does the POS Calculate Sales Tax?

To clarify how taxes are calculated on your receipts, let's look at an example. Initial situation: You have 5 items. Each of these items has a net price of $0.99 and are taxed at a rate of 19%, each of which corresponds to a gross amount of $1.18  ($0.99  * 1.19 = $1.1781 rounded to$1.18). ...

Dashboard Widgets show “Permission Denied”

Widget Permission  If you do not see the widgets on the front page of the cloud, the permissions are missing and you do not have the right to display organizational units. If you are allowed to change user roles, you can simply set the right permissions under Employees > User Roles > Edit Roles > Settings ...

Why is the displayed discount is different than what was entered?

How is it that the discount shown on the receipt is different from the actual entered value? The deviation, which is usually no more than one to four cents, is that the discount on the individual items must be divided evenly. Here a small example: You have three items on the receipt and give a receipt ...
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