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Category Ticketing


Entry Report

The Entry Report can be used to view what types of tickets have been redeemed or activated. This is only available with the Korona.Entry package. The data for this report is generated from Products sold w/ attached Ticket Definitions, and those Sold ticket products being Validated at an Entry Gate. Setting up Entry Report Parameters ...

Handheld Ticketing Device

Using the Handheld Ticketing Devices Step 1) Power up the device.  The power button can be found at the top of the device. Once on, the Korona app should appear for you on the left bottom corner of the screen and it should be the only application located on the devices main screen. Step 2) ...


Setting up events is easy with Korona. With Korona, you have the ability to create events, shows, tours and recurring events. You can also sell tickets in advance with Korona. One of the main benefits of setting up Events is once the capacity is met it is no longer possible to sell Event Tickets.  Creating ...

Production Types “Print & Activate Tickets”

The Print & Activate Ticket production type is ideal for when you are selling your tickets to your customers. They can be printed and activated from the Point of Sale Terminal. Keep in mind, this has nothing with kitchen tickets. For that, you should use the production type "print" without the ticket activation. Creating and ...

Entry Gate Setup

Creating Entry Gates The Korona System has the ability to utilize entry gates for your museum or amusement park. To create an entry gate, You can navigate to Ticketing > Entry Gates. This will take you to the gate overview screen where you can create and edit your gates. Click on the +New button to ...

Creating a Ticket / Ticket Definition

Ticket definitions are what makes any ticket valid. With Korona, you have a wide variety of parameters you can pick and choose from. Creating Ticket Definitions: Ticket definitions are not tickets but rather they are conditions, rules, and logic created for the tickets to function and be valid within Korona. Go to the ticket definition ...

Ticket Types

You can create tickets with various times and features with Korona. Korona allows for multiple ticket types, such as general admission, where people can visit an attraction. You can also create event tickets, for certain events, such as shows, galas, and parties. General Admission Ticket Setup Tickets are essentially products within Korona. To create a ...

Commodity Group Setup

Commodity groups are a very important aspect of categorizing your products.  An important thing to know about commodity groups is that you can nest commodity groups; allowing you to create sub commodity groups underneath each individual group.  You can create as many subgroups as you wish, but keep in mind that over-categorization can quickly complicate things. Many retailers ...