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Assign Back Office Permissions


User Roles & Permissions 

Most businesses let multiple people access their back office. Protecting it is important!  Even if you fully trust your employees they might not handle their login credentials with as much care as you do and they can still make mistakes while working in the back office. To limit risks we always recommend you restrict each users back office access to only the part they need to have access to.

To accomplish this without losing track of who can access what KORONA offers user roles.  Role examples are:

  • Store Manager (access to reports, inventory, products and customers)
  • Accountant (access to reports only)
  • Tech Support (access to POS settings only)

To manage and create user roles navigate to Employees > User Roles.

To learn more please visit our User Roles manual page.

Editing Permissions 

Use the +New button to add a user role.  This will take you to a new screen. First, you assign a role name such as “Store Manager”. Underneath you will see a box with folders. The folders represent your back office navigation menu. You can grant permission to a whole folder or open it up to grant permissions on a more detailed level.  For many navigation items, you have multiple permissions which allow you to control what the user can do within that navigation item.  For example, you can allow a user to see your product database but not edit it.

A good practice is to start with a blank user role with no permissions and then start adding permissions as needed in order to avoid granting too many permissions.

Assigning User Roles

Once you have created and saved your new user role you can assign users to it.  You can find your list of users under Employees > Users.  The following guide will explain how to manage your back office users: Create Back Office Users