Slow Sellers (Org Average)

The Slow Seller (Org Average) report is similar to the normal Slow Seller Report except that this is based on the organizational unit averages and contains some additional columns with average information.  This report is useful when you have multiple stores selling mostly the same products.

The Slow Seller (Org Average) is found in the Evaluations tab. If it does not appear there, click here to learn how to customize the section. this report may be filtered by Org. Unit, Supplier, Assortment, Sort Order, Date, Assortment Product, Commodity Group, Day of Week. Once you have made your desired selections click on Update to refresh the results.

There are a lot of Sort Orders available, Actual Goods, Avg. Sales per Week, Gross Profit, Number, Product, Quantity, Quantity Avg., Stock Range, Stock Range Avg., Stock Value, Stock Value Avg..

Once the report loads you may select one of the highlighted Product Names for this additional drop-down menu, Edit Product, Discount Reasons Report,  Product Report, Product per Weekday, Receipts, Stock History, Stock Return Rates.

Finally, you may export this report into a PDF or Excel simply by selecting one from the top of the screen.