Balance POS

The Balance POS function is an end of shift function that helps the cashier match the totals between what is in the cash drawer and the expected cash. This is a blind count, meaning the cashier does not see the expected amount and must enter in exactly what they counted.

First, navigate to Settings > Button configuration. Select a layout and click Edit. On the Edit Button Configuration page, click on the desired tab and hit Edit to be able to add the Balance POS function.

At the POS, by default, the cashier will have three attempts to match the expected amount. If after three attempts the amount does not match, the function will complete anyway and the discrepancy will be shown on the End of Day Statement.

You may adjust the maximum balance attempts by navigating to Settings > POS Profiles and choosing the profile you wish to edit, then change the Maximum Balance Attempts to your desired number.

Additionally, please check out the Finish Day / End of Day Statements page for more information or the video on the right.

*Note: The POS will automatically run an end-of-day report after the POS balance process has been completed. If you do not want the POS to automatically run an end-of-day report, you may choose to use the Balance Cashier function, which essentially works the same but instead of balancing the entire drawer it only asks for the logged-in cashier’s balance. Afterward, a new cashier can use the same terminal.

POS Balance Widget

You may also access POS balance statements for the current day directly from the dashboard by using the POS Balance Widget.