Transfer Data from the Back Office to the POS

Any change you make in the back office has to be downloaded to the point of sale (POS) before the POS will be able to see the changes.  This includes, but is not limited to: product changes, configuration changes, price changes and promotions.  The POS will download back office changes automatically with every restart and every end of day statement.  In most cases, this means that the POS will refresh its data at least once a day without requiring you to do anything.  However, sometimes it is necessary to get changes immediately.  You can make the POS download back office changes immediately by using the “Retrieve Master Data” function.  By default, you will find a button for that under function tab 3.

Please Note: If you are changing one of the following settings you will have to perform a POS restart after retrieving master data.

  • Peripherals such as printers, cash drawers or customer displays
  • Payment terminals or payment services
  • POS profiles

Generally, button changes do not require a POS restart, but if your button changes are not applied after you retrieve master data, try restarting the POS application.