KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes October 2016

“Cloud Update”

“The update will be performed Sat 10/08/2016 10:00 PM PDT

While the cloud update is being performed the back office might not be accessible for up to 2 hours.

“Release Webinar”

“Join Wed 10/12/2016 3:00 PM PDT

Join our release webinar and see what new features we have added during the past 30 days.  You will also be able to ask questions.

“C161002 – Highlighted Price Changes in Stock Order” t

KORONA offers several ways to import your suppliers data and even allows you to access some supplier catalogs in real time. However, this can cause you to not notice vendor price changes that can have a significant impact on your profit margin. This new feature will display a price change indicator within your stock orders allowing you to identify price changes immediately.

“C161003 – Summarized Customer Orders”

Under customer orders you have now the ability to review multiple orders in one step. You can find this new function under More>Order Summary

“C161004 – Sell By Date”

You can now track sell by dates. If you have the store package you can now enter sell by dates in your stock receipts. Under the evaluations section you can now also find Shelf Life report to find products that are about to expire.

“C161005 – Lifted Restriction for Source Warehouse”

It is now possible to use the source warehouse filter for all warehouses, even the ones the cashier does not have permissions for. The target warehouse filter is not affected by this change and remains restricted. This allows your employees to create internal stock transfers from stores or warehouses they typically would not be able to access.

“C161006 – Graphical Customer Display Configuration”

It is now possible to configure graphical customer displays in the POS profile.

“C161007 – Price Markup”

Until now, the back office has only outlined the profit margin for price changes. Now, you also have the ability to view the price markup.

“C161008 – Container Quantity in Stock Orders”

When adding products to stock orders you can now set container quantities right away. Before this option was only available for single item quantities.

“C161009 – Inventory Management Permissions”

In this release we have added a new permission for viewing on-hand quantities. Before there was only a combined permission that allowed both booking stock management receipts and reviewing on-hand quantities. Now you can separate these two.

“C161010 – New Permission for Reviewing Purchase Prices”

This new permission allows you to manage who can see your purchase prices. This affects the following data:

  • Supplier prices within the product
  • Last purchase price
  • Average purchase price
  • Stock orders (all prices and totals)
  • Stock receipts (all prices and totals)

“C161011 – New Price Label”

A new price label has been added for 25.4 x 30.5 mm / 1 x 1.2 inch

“C161012 – Ordering Products without Inventory Management”

It is now possible to add products to stock orders that are not set to track inventory. This will allow you to add products to orders that aren’t sold like other items or are simply hard to track.

“C161013 – New Report for Stock Adjustments”

In this release we have added a new report that allows you to see a summary of all stock adjustments and adjustment reasons.

“C161014 – Removable Franchiser Product Tags”

Product tags are used in many ways and can be quite personal. Therefore franchisees are now no longer required to keep their tags on franchise managed products and can now take full control over their product tags. Sectors, Commodity Groups and purchase prices remain franchise controlled. Please address changes with your franchiser.

“C161015 – Foreign Currency Support for Suppliers”

If the headline doesn’t immediately get you excited then this feature probably is of little use to you. However, to all of our international retailers: we heard you! You can now set a currency for each supplier under the payment section within the supplier. Purchase prices and average prices will be converted into your currency when booking stock receipts.

“C161016 – New Report for Internal Transfers”

This report is similar to the supplier purchase report but only includes internal inventory transfers between warehouses.

“C161017 – Weekday Filter for Revenue per Day”

In order to provide even more information to store managers when deciding on the best staff schedule, we have added a weekday filter for the revenue per day statistic. Having too much staff is expensive, but having too little might be even worse!

This update included a total of 161 improvements.