KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes November 2017

Store Prices Permission

The ability to set and edit store prices has a new permission within user roles

Store Prices

Store prices can be cleared from the mass editor.

Organization Trend Report

The organization trend report now has a filter allowing you to compare two separate years on the same report.

Assortment Cleanup

Assortment cleanup can now be done per organizational unit.

Inventory Count Sheets

Your retail price for each product is now shown on inventory count sheets.

Item Purchase Price

You can now control whether or not stock receipts automatically update your purchase prices.

New Highlight Colors

Items that were previously selected and items that were previously deleted are now highlighted in different colors.

Inventory Count Sheets

If you choose to create count sheets by commodity group, that group is now shown in the selection list, allowing you to see them easier.

Cashier Nicknames

If your cashiers wish to be known as something different on the receipt you can assign them an alias.

Volume Report

The volume report now has a filter for cashiers.

Store Orders

Internal transfers created from store orders can now have custom amounts rather than the default container amount.

Product Descriptions

Franchisees can now customize the product descriptions on franchise managed products.


When the help button is pressed all items that have a tool tip are now highlighted.

External System Calls

The order of external system calls within POS profiles can now be edited.