KORONA.pos Cloud Release Notes May 2017

“Release Webinar”

“Join Tue 05/09/2017 3:00 PM PDT

Join our release webinar and see what new features we have added during the past 30 days.  You will also be able to ask questions.

“Set Seller on Item Level”

It is now possible to assign a sales person to individual items. In addition, reporting for item level sales evaluations have been added in the back office.

“Production Type for Customer Orders”

It is now possible to assign a production type to products which will be triggered when a customer order is created. This is particularly useful for dry cleaners, repair shops and similar types of businesses where a receipt referencing the customer order is required.

Assigning KORONA.menu devices to point of sale has become much easier. It is now possible to assign up to 5 mobile devices to a single point of sale terminal. If more mobile devices are required you can assign 5 more to each KORONA.pos terminal.

“Assortments for Order Templates”

It is now possible to add items to an order template by assortment.

“Warehouse Purchase Values”

In the past, the warehouse value was calculated based on the most recent purchase price. Now you can also see the warehouse value based on the actual expenses.

“Warehouse Product Filter”

It is now possible to filter products in the warehouse value overview.

“Undefined Gender for Customers”

The gender field in customer records have no longer an assigned default value.

“Returns on Invoices”

In order to allow processing returns and credits on back office invoices it is now possible to set negative quantities or prices in invoices.

“POS Labels in Back Office”

Label types that have only been available at the POS are now also available in the back office.

“Production and Conversion Products”

Dealing with production and conversion products has become a lot easier. Several improvements have been added:

  • A new report is available which show productions/conversions.
  • The product form changes now when a product is set up as production/conversion to make the setup more intuitive.
  • It is possible to order production/conversion products and the system will automatically order the defined sub items.
  • Expense calculations for production conversion items are now based on the sub items.

“Graphical Customer Display Setting”

The graphical customer display setting has been moved from the POS profile to the point of sale.

This update included a total of 197 improvements.