Franchise Tag Configuration (Order Portal)

The franchisor tag configuration works hand in hand with the franchise Order portal. In this section, we will cover setup and use.

From the franchisor account, navigate to Franchising > Tag Configuration. On this page, you may enter tags that have been prerecorded. Any newly entered tag will not save in this field. These tags must also be applied to products for this to work, To learn more about setting up tags, please refer to our Product Tag Setup manual page.

Your tag options are Tag for New Products, Tags for Promotion Products, Tags for Discontinued Products, Tags for Order Portal.

Once you have selected all of the desired tags, click Save. All products available for the selected tags will now be listed in the franchise order portal.

From the franchise account, navigate to Inventory >order Portal. Once the page loads it will automatically load all tags entered. On this page, you may specify a product by typing the name into the search bar. You may also choose a Commodity group. you may choose a tag or leave it set to default (All). From the tag drop-down menu, your options are Discontinued, New Products, and Promotion Products.

Once you have chosen the desired filters click Update at the top of the screen.

Listed below will be the Product Number, Name, Barcode, Container Amount, Container Price, Item Price, Order Number, Supplier, Quantity, Container.

From the Quantity and Container columns, you may adjust the amount ordered per product simply by using the up and down arrows or manually entering in a number. A total quantity of the products selected for ordering will reflect next to “Shopping cart Preview” at the top of the report. on the right-hand side of that is a Total Sum of the cost of items.

Clicking on the orange information icon next to each product will allow you to view that product details. An “Info” textbox will appear and the Information listed is as follows. Product(Name),  Barcode(PLU Code), Description, Container Amount, Container Price, Item Price, Selling Price, Order Number (supplier order code), Supplier (Name), Commodity Group, Sector.

Finally, Once you have made all product selections, Click Shopping Cart from the top of the screen.

The Shopping Cart screen will launch, On this page, all items selected for an order will show with an availability status. All products available for ordering will reflect in a green “Available”. Nonavailable items are reflected in a red “Not Available”. Select a Target Warehouse from the drop-down menu and click on “Create Stock Order” from the top of the screen.